Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre


MaGIC’s mission is to catalyze the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia and to develop enduring, high growth and highly scalable startups. Offered programs:

  • MaGIC Central
  • MaGIC Accelerator Programs (MAPs)
  • Distro Dojo
  • MaGIC Academy
  • e@Stanford
  • Amplify Awards.

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Cradle Fund


Cradle encourages, supports, stimulates and nurtures the development of Malaysian entrepreneurship in ICT, bio-technology, life sciences, material sciences and high growth technology industries. Cradle runs the:

  • CIP Catalyst & U-CIP Catalyst
  • CIP 500
  • Coach & Grow Programme (CGP)
  • Angel Tax Incentive

Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera


TERAJU leads, drives and coordinates the Bumiputera agenda as part of the National Transformation Plan. TERAJU’s master programmes include the:

  • Dana Teras
  • Skim Jejak Jaya Bumiputera
  • Bumiputera Entrepreneurs Startup Scheme (SUPERB)
  • National Entrepreneurship Institute (INSKEN)

Malaysia Debt Ventures


MDV provides flexible financing solutions, specialised funding programs, and industry expertise and advisory services. MDV’s focus area is ICT, Biotech, Green Tech and Advanced Tech. MDV provides:

  • Contract Financing
  • Project Financing
  • Equity Linked Financing

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation


MDeC oversees the development of the MSC Malaysia and advises the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, as well as to set breakthrough standards for multimedia operations. MDeC MSC Malaysia offers fund via:

  • Product Development & Commercialisation Fund (PCF)
  • Incentives under the MSC Malaysia for Startups

Malaysian Venture Capital Management


MAVCAP helps realise the Government’s mission to support Malaysian based ICT companies as well as the Venture Capital (VC) industry. Target sectors include:

  • General ICT (Hardware/Software)
  • New Media
  • Software Applications & Services.

Malaysian Intellectual Property Organisation


MyIPO develops and administers the intellectual property (IP) rights system in Malaysia. MyIPO provides services regarding:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Industrial Design
  • Copyrights

Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation


BiotechCorp acts to identify value propositions in both R&D and commerce and to support these ventures via financial assistance and developmental services. BiotechCorp offers:

  • Biotechnology Commercialisation Fund (BCF)
  • BioNexus Status
  • BioNexus Partners (BNP) Programme

Technology Park Malaysia


TPM drives the national innovation and knowledge-based economy for wealth creation and societal well-being. TPM provides:

  • Land, Office Space, Facilities & Services
  • Technopreneurship & Commercialisation facilitation



SIRIM is a global research and standards development organisation. SIRIM’s services include

  • Standards & Quality and Technical Services
  • Certification
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Training and Consultancy Services

Perbadanan Nasional Berhad


PNS provides guidance and special financing schemes to develop the franchise industry in Malaysia both for franchisors and franchisees. Services include the:

  • Business In Transformation (BIT)
  • Equity Investment and Property Investment financing schemes
  • PNS Academy

Companies Commission of Malaysia


SSM is a Corporate Registry And Regulatory Authority that provides registration, information, regulation and advisory services for corporations. SSM Products include:

  • Company Registration
  • Corporate and Business Information Data (CBID)

Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia


AIM provides micro-credit financing for entrepreneurs from the poor and low income group. AIM offers products such as:

  • Skim Pembiayaan Ikhtiar (SPI)

Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority


FAMA is a marketing agency that monitors, coordinates, controls and develops product marketing for Malaysian agriculture, including its imports and exports. FAMA’s facilitate product marketing and sales via:

  • Farmer’s Market
  • Fresh Fruit Stall
  • Kedai Rakyat Agrobazaar
  • GPL Regulation
  • Malaysia’s Best

Credit Guarantee Corporation


CGC provides guarantee schemes to loans obtained by SMEs. The conventional schemes include the

  • Enhancer Excel Scheme (ENHANCER EXCEL)
  • Credit Enhancer Scheme (ENHANCER)
  • Direct Access Guarantee Scheme Start Up (DAGS Start Up)
  • Enhancer Bumi Scheme (ENHANCER BUMI)
  • Biz Mula-i
  • Biz Wanita-i
  • Flexi Guarantee Scheme (FGS)
  • Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS)

SME Bank


SME Bank provides financing and business advisory services to Malaysian SMEs.

Offered products / services:

  • Business Premises Financing Scheme
  • Financing Program For SME (SME-LEAP)
  • Financing Program For Women Entrepreneur (WEP-LEAP)
  • Online Business Financing Program (OBF)
  • TERAS Financing Scheme
  • Young Entrepreneur Fund (YEF)
  • Young Entrepreneur Programme (YEP)
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Innovation Programme (PIUS-LEAP)
  • Leaders Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme (LEAP)

Bank Simpanan Nasional


BSN provides micro finance assistance for individuals and micro enterprises to expand their businesses. Available services:

  • TemaNiaga
  • TemanMesra
  • Micro Financing Scheme/loan Penduduk Kampung Baru Cina (PKBC)
  • Creative Industry Loan

Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology


MiGHT main roles are in developing high technology industries for Malaysia continues on being a consensus building think tank, built through a membership program which remains as MIGHT’s main platform to build linkages. MIGHT also takes on the role of nurturing high-tech industries via catalytic interventions programmes when the need arises.

Offered services / programs:

Kumpulan Modal Perdana


KMP is a venture capital firm for financing technology start-ups. KMP invest via:

  • Perdana Fund
  • Electrical & Electronics Fund


Malaysian Green Technology Corporation


GreenTech Malaysia catalyses green technology deployment as a strategic engine for socio-economic growth in Malaysia. Offered service:

  • Energy services and consultation

Bank Rakyat


Bank Rakyat services for entrepreneurs are mostly directed towards cooperatives and small businesses across several different industries (i.e. credit cooperatives, hawkers and petty traders, etc.). Offered fundings:

  • Term Financing-i
  • Micro Enterprise Fund (MEF)
  • Micro Financing-i MUsK
  • Contract Financing-i
  • Bridging-i

Institut Keusahawanan Negara


INSKEN is an entrepreneurship development centre that organises and facilitates training in entrepreneurship development.

  • Graduate Entrepreneurs Program
  • Business Incentive Program
  • Entrepreneurship Culture Development Program
  • Intensive Business Training & Support
  • Intensive Business Training & Support
  • Research Fellow Appointment

Unit Pembangunan Usahawan dan Industri Halal (UPUIH)


Sarawak’s entrepreneur development and Halal industry pioneer for Bumiputras.

  • Entrepreneur Development System

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation


SEDC promotes economic development in Sarawak, with emphasis on pioneering and strategic industries. SEDC undertakes investments and manages commercial projects, directly or on a joint-venture basis. It also undertakes programmes and schemes to enhance the development of local entrepreneurs in commerce and industry.

  • Entrepreneur’s Corner

Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad


PUNB provides detailed information to the entrepreneurs on the processes of applying for PUNB financing facilities.

  • PROSPER Runcit
  • PROSPER Pemborong
  • PROSPER Usahawan Muda
  • PROSPER Teras
  • SME

PlaTCOM Ventures


PlaTCOM Ventures provides a wide range of services to assist you in commercializing your technologies.

  • PlaTCOM Innozine
  • PlaTCOM Innoseed
  • PlaTCOM Capacity Building
  • Funding
  • Commercialization Support & Advisory
  • Halal Regulatory Consultancy



As a Global Tech Hub enabler, Cyberview is at the forefront of defining the future by collaboratively driving innovation within the Cyberjaya tech community.

  • Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator
  • Cyberview Living Lab Pilot
  • Global Network Exchange
  • Young Learners Innovation Programme

Majlis Amanah Rakyat


The Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) is a Malaysian government agency formed to aid, train, and guide Bumiputra in the areas of business and industry.

  • Entrepreneurship Training Program
  • Business Advisory Service Scheme Program
  • Market Development Program
  • Technopreneur Development Program

Unit Agropreneur Muda, MOA


Unit Agropreneur Muda (UAM) provides funding for industrial support services including maintenance, repair and supply of raw materials and basic agriculture utilities.

  • Plants Sector Package
  • Fisheries Sector Package
  • Livestock Sector Package
  • Agro-based Industry Sector Package
  • Marketing Sector Package
  • Agropreneur Youth Program

Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan


KPDNKK or the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism regulates domestic trade and runs SME Product Development Programs such as:

  • Business Modification Program
  • Malaysia’s Preferences Program
  • Food Sampling Program
  • SME’s Product Development
  • Taste of Malaysia Program (TOM)

SME Corp


SME Corp formulates overall policies and strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and coordinates the implementation of SME development programmes such as:

  • Enterprise 50 (E50) Award
  • Business Accelerator Programme (BAP)
  • SME-University Internship Programme
  • SME@University Programme
  • SME Mentoring Programme
  • SME Expert Advisory Panel (SEAP) Programme
  • 1-InnoCERT Programme
  • Bumiputera Enterprise Enhancement Programme (BEEP)
  • Tunas Usahawan Belia Bumiputera (TUBE) Programme
  • SME Annual Showcase – SMIDEX
  • Business Linkage (BLing) Programme

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation


MATRADE’s mission is to promote Malaysia’s export and to enable local companies to carve new frontiers in global markets. Their services include:

  • Export Assistance
  • eTRADE Programme
  • Go-Ex Programme
  • Mid-Tier Companies Development Programme (MTCDP)
  • Integrated Center for Export (ICE)

Malaysian Investment Development Authority


MIDA allows you to apply for Manufacturing License, Incentives, Expatriate Posts and Duty Exemptions. You can also register for monthly InvestByte e-newsletter and receive updates on new policies, incentives, events, and activities. Services include:

  • APR e-Survey
  • Manufacturing Sector e-ML
  • e-Tariff
  • e-BizMatch
  • e-Newsletter
  • e-Recruitment

Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad


MIDF ensures access to financing for manufacturing-based SMEs as part of Malaysia’s strategy to accelerate the industrial sector development. MIDF is a financial services provider in investment banking, development finance and asset management.

  • Soft Loan Scheme for Automation & Modernisation (SLSAM)
  • Soft Loan Scheme for Small & Medium Enterprise (SLSME)
  • SME Emergency Fund (SMEEF)
  • Soft Loan Scheme For Services Sector (SLSSS)
  • Soft Loan Scheme For Bumiputera Automotive Entrepreneurs (SLBAE)
  • Soft Loan Scheme For Services Capacity Development (SLSCD)
  • Soft Loan Scheme for Services Exports (SLSSE)

Malaysia Productivity Corporation


MPC’s objectives are to provide value-added information on productivity, quality, competitiveness and best practices through research activities and databases, develop human capital and organisational excellence.

  • Enterprise Innovation Intervention Programme (EIIP)
  • Productivity & Innovation Enhancement Programme
  • Business Enabling Skills Training (BEST)
  • Creating Value Through Productivity Measurement (COMPASS)
  • Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC)
  • Lean Management (Kaizen, BPR, FMEA, Kanban, Poka Yoke, TPM, VSM)
  • Six Sigma
  • TQM

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