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FMM: Offline Inspection of Steel Sheets Featured

Background of business problem/challenge

Each Blank is inspected by an operator manually at the offline inspection stations, taking roughly 20 secs to inspect per side of Blank. Although the operator is able to identify all the defects, this process of manual inspection causes operator fatigue. Moreover, this process is very time consuming, tedious and inefficient process resulting in low productivity.

Commercial inspection systems are costly and not feasible to install in multiple processing lines, as the volumes do not justify the high capital investment.

About the challenge

What solution are you looking for? 

  • More affordable technology and/or tools to inspect Blanks.

What is the scope of deliverables

  • Affordable technology
  • Easy to implement 


  • Market access opportunity to all SMI’s under FMM
  • Chance to connect and promote the technology to more than 3,000 FMM members made up of SMEs.
  • Opportunity for a paid Pilot Project or POC

Criteria / Eligibility

Existing prototype/Commercialised product


  • Date Start: 2019 Oct 25
  • Date End: 2020 Mar 22

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) represents over 10,000 member companies (3,000 direct and 7,000 indirect) from the manufacturing supply chain. FMM is actively engaged with government and its key agencies; and well-linked with international organisations, Malaysian businesses and civil society. Apart from benefiting from the FMM’s advocacy, members enjoy value-add services, including training, business networking, trade opportunities & regular information updates.

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Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

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Market Access, PILOT Contract