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Sunway Ventures: Autonomous Transport Solution Featured

Do you have technology or solution that could enable sustainable, eco-friendly autonomous vehicles around Sunway City?

About the challenge

The Sunway Group is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and continue to align our business strategies to meet the needs of communities in line with the SDG agenda. One area that Sunway is exploring in the efforts to drive sustainability and becoming a smart city is the exploration on the use of autonomous vehicles.

To serve the mobility of Sunway’s communities, we have shuttle buses running on diesel that commute around the city. We would like to replace these shuttle buses with greener alternatives and driverless vehicles.

Another potential area is the usage of such vehicles on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Sunway line. This 5.4km line from Setia Jaya to USJ 7, Subang jaya is operated by Prasarana to provide services for the 500,000 residents of the southeastern suburbs of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The BRT buses have an exclusive right-of-way on an elevated guideway that is not shared with normal road traffic, constructed by Sunway. The system uses eco-friendly electric bus services on elevated tracks and connects major areas within the areas such as hospital, commercial areas, shopping centres and universities.

We are currently exploring technologies that could enable autonomous or driverless vehicle on the roads around Sunway City and potentially on the BRT track. Do you have the technology or solution that could enable:

  1. Autonomous vehicles (car or bus) that could be tested on (i) selected roads in Sunway City (ii )BRT track depending on approval by Prasarana.
  2. A solution that could encourage further development jointly by the faculties and students under the Sunway Education Group (Sunway University and Monash University)


  • A pilot contract to implement the solution(s) and prove the concept; with a potential investment if successful
  • Pitching your solution to Sunway,potentially including a business matching day with other investors;
  • Mentorship and coaching from Sunway
  • Access to the Sunway Group’s business network.
  • Media coverage and publicity on the test day

Criteria / Eligibility

  • Have a proven concept and a working prototype
  • If selected, able to be available on-site to work together with Sunway’s stakeholders to launch your pilot within the organization
  • Be able to realize a usable product or service within the next 6-12 months
  • Be able to run a pilot project in Sunway, either be physically or digitally available
  • Be able to pitch fluently in English


  • Date Start: 2017 Jun 09
  • Date End: 2017 Aug 15

Sunway Ventures

Sunway Ventures is the corporate venture arm for the Sunway Group that was recently set up to drive Sunway’s participation in the new digital economy and to explore scalable technology-related startups through external venture capital investments or internal venture building. Sunway Ventures will position the Group at the intersection of the O2O (online to offline) convergence.  

Other focus areas for Sunway Ventures includes logistics, digital media, fintech, healthcare and education startups which are sustainable and synergistic to Sunway’s existing business lines.

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