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TM: REinvent Beyond Connectivity Featured

Are you ready to create change? Join us on our way towards our aspiration to offer Malaysians the full benefits of a convergence lifestyle – the ability to stay connected with the world of information and entertainment, and with friends as well as business, no matter where or when, or on whatever device.

About the challenge

Convergence to us is more than having the technology or infrastructure that allows for converged solutions; rather it is about enabling a high-quality experience whenever customers use TM to access internet, data and application services, wherever they are and whatever device they employ. In other words; convergence is part of the customer value proposition that we aspire to deliver, which we are realising by further expanding our reach and coverage; making available higher speeds and seamless broadband connection; with mobility, content and smart solutions; to fulfil our customers’ lifestyle and business needs.

We are exploring collaborative opportunities with innovative startups targeting Consumer, SME, Enterprise, Government in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Digital business solution (SaaS, Advertising, Cloud, etc)
  • Smart solutions (Home, Office, City)
  • Creative content
  • AR/VR

At the same time, we are opening TM Developer sandbox, a safe and secure virtual space to learn, develop, test and showcase new ideas. Essentially, a developer platform, the sandbox enables experimentation, incubation and prototyping of ideas and innovative solution.

Our current APIs categories are as below:

  • Communication
  • Maps
  • Payment
  • Authentication
  • Digital signing

(sandbox is accessible from developer.tm.com.my)


  • Partnership with TM group of companies
  • Access to TM’s business network
  • Joint go-to-market
  • Co-working space
  • Mentorship and coaching from RE: innovation team

Criteria / Eligibility

  • Able to demonstrate established content/solutions
  • Have paying customers
  • Possess the capabilities and strategy to support and scale the product(s)


  • Date Start: 2017 Jun 09
  • Date End: 2017 Jul 31


RE: was set up in 2014 to catalyze innovative culture and entrepreneurship within TM and capitalize on market opportunities through engagement with promising start-ups and enter into partnerships with leading innovators. Via these collaborations, we have been able to invest in and adopt various new technologies that are driving greater efficiencies within TM.

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Artificial Intelligence

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