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Nestle: Smart and automated packing solutions for retail and e-commerce Featured

Do you have solutions to make our packing process more efficient at our Distribution Centre? These solutions can range from collaborative robots to tracking tools and automation systems.

About the challenge

As e-commerce is taking-off for Nestle’s brands such as NESCAFE, MILO, and MAGGI, consumers purchase more and more special offerings online, hence the need for “re-packing” solutions. Re-packing consists of packing bundled e-commerce offers.

This puts a lot of pressure and complexity on the current setup at our factories and at our third party warehouses.

As such, we are looking for new agile solutions that would help us customize our repacking processes, reducing additional complexity and building on the current setup at our factories and Distribution Centre.

From advanced digital solutions to lean logistics tools and collaborative robots, software-based and hardware-based solutions, we are open to innovative technologies that are proven in this field of re-packing operations.


  • Pilot Contract
  • Mentorship by our Technical/Supply Chain/e-commerce Divisions
  • Access to Nestle’s network/market/suppliers/customers
  • Other non-monetary benefits such as food items

Criteria / Eligibility

  • Working prototype
  • Fast turnaround, refining as a second stage
  • Industry/functional experience of team is a plus
  • Strict confidentiality


  • Date Start: 2017 Sep 15
  • Date End: 2017 Nov 27


We are the world leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness; we have been operating in Malaysia for more than a century and we are the biggest food company in Malaysia. Our branded products are enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

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Pilot Contract