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Join the MaGIC Activate startup community

Stay updated on the latest innovation challenges and receive exposure opportunities with MaGIC’s CER Partners. By joining the MaGIC Activate startup community, you can now apply for the innovation challenges.

Meet your potential clients

Looking to build your network? By joining the innovation challenge, you will meet corporates from various industries. You will be kept under MaGIC’s radar for connection opportunities with relevant parties.

Refine your product / technology

Looking for product validation? Receive feedback from corporates to refine and enhance your innovative product or solution. Innovation challenge prizes include an opportunity to work on a prototype with a corporation.

Gain market access

Looking for market expansion? Winning an innovation challenge enables you to gain market access through the corporate sponsor of the challenge, a way to accelerate your enterprise and surpass competitors

Boost your reputation

Looking to increase your brand presence? Present your product or solution to a corporation to increase brand awareness. The winner of the innovation challenge will receive media opportunities and recognition for your contribution to the corporation.