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Alterbeat is a platform that connectsjob seekers in alternative fields such as art music. design, writing and community development with a list of curatedjobs.

Alterbeat is an organized network of opportunities and individuals in alternative fields such as arts, music, design, writing, community development and more.
It enables easy access to these opportunities by aggregating them on an organised platform accessible through multiple touch points. These opportunities are curated and cater to varied commitment preferences (full-time, part-time, remote working, internship, scholarship, residency, competition etc.) Moreover, Alterbeat provides a captive audience for employers seeking talent in these fields.

Location India
Website http://www.alterbeat.com/
  • Consulting & Services
  • Kaavya Gupta (Founder)
  • Urshita Gautam (Employee)
  • MAP ASEAN Cohort 3