Best Ionic Detox  Foot Bath

Best Ionic Detox Foot Bath

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With the growing popularity of ionic detox baths, there are many ways to administer them, including in the comfort of your own home. Ionic detoxing uses positive ions to cleanse the body, help eliminate toxins and restore health. This process is performed by bathing and massaging barefoot in clean, purified water infused with positive ions.
Most individuals will feel more focused, balanced, and relaxed after using an ionic detox foot bath. However, there is no pain associated with this therapy. Those suffering from excessive toxins may experience some mild discomfort as their body releases toxins through the pores in the feet for disposal. People with weak immune systems, cancer, or other conditions may experience an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients used in the spa products. Individuals with kidney disease or arthritis may experience increased urination, while others may experience diarrhea.

Most of the products used in ionic detox foot baths use natural ingredients that will not cause any adverse effects. The footbath will clean the feet thoroughly, removing any harmful materials deep inside the feet. The footbath itself does not contain toxins or poisons; it is the purified water used for the ion detox foot bath that will remove harmful substances. People suffering from extreme toxic overload may experience slight discomfort after using an ionic detox foot bath; those with a healthy liver will not experience any side effects.


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