Masala Wheels

Masala Wheels

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Masala Wheels is an accredited social enterprise empowering marginalized communities through sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives and digital transformation.

Masala Wheels was founded in 2015 by a group of young professionals as the first social enterprise food truck in Malaysia. What began as a mobile venture to feed and empower marginalised communities through capacity building and employment opportunities has since developed into a comprehensive infrastructure of support for our beneficiaries.

Our award-winning and accredited organisation now practises a systemic approach to social entrepreneurship that assures our sustainability and social impact, as well as engages a wide network of stakeholders in our mission to empower entire communities.

Masala Wheels is built on a foundation of empowerment through food and uses a multiplatform strategy as a tool for socioeconomic transformation. Core business units under our brand include:

• Mobile food truck
• Masala Wheels restaurant in Petaling Jaya
• Catering services

Masala Wheels is registered under Pepper Labs Sdn Bhd, whose subsidiaries comprise digital social innovation platform, cloud kitchen, and capacity building and entrepreneurial skills development centre Pulse Academy.

We believe in aid with dignity, and create opportunities for the marginalised to take control of their livelihoods through employment and micro-entrepreneurship. We provide thorough training in food preparation, packaging, and logistics, centred around the authentic Malaysian recipes that have made our in-house cuisine a favourite among customers and catering clients.

Profits generated through the three platforms are channelled towards furthering employment and microentrepreneurial opportunities for marginalised communities as well as our physical and digital infrastructure development.

What We Do Different

Our presence on the ground allows us to observe first-hand the needs of the communities we serve and to leverage on our abilities to foster sustainable economic empowerment and inclusive growth more effectively. These observations have translated to endeavours such as:

• Establishing Masala Wheels restaurant in Petaling Jaya as a permanent physical venue our beneficiaries can reach us at for support
• Growing out our grassroot and civil society organisation networks to expand our reach
• Increasing our policy advocacy based on experience in socioeconomic development
• Developing training modules that emphasise experiential learning with real-life solutions and applications

  • Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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