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DroneTech Bootcamp 2020

Drone technology is in high demand for its continuous innovative advancements and versatility especially in assisting us through the pandemic and economic crises. Various industries have been able to engage and utilise drone technology to elevate their capacity efficiently. These industries include agriculture, oil and gas, surveillance, industrial inspection, healthcare and more. It is imperative to fully engage in the understanding of not only the physical and operating components of the drone but its fundamental software mechanisms as well. This includes knowledge from Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT and more.

Drone entrepreneurs, you are given the opportunity to refine your ideas, learn to validate, develop and turn those ideas into strong, working prototypes while refining your business pitch. This ultimately will allow you to be equipped for commercialisation. You will be guided through a structured learning process with proven business models for your success.
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Eligible Point for Successful Application:
  • Organization - 40XP 400RP
  • Individual - 30XP 300RP
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