St. Nicholas' Home, Penang

St. Nicholas' Home pioneered education, training and social support for visually impaired in Malaysia.

St. Nicholas' Home (SNH) is a social ministry under the umbrella of The Synod of the Diocese of West Malaysia incorporated under Akta 36 1971. The Home have been serving the blind and visually impaired (BVI) since 1926 and pioneered many of the services currently being provided to the BVI community. SNH currently operates 18 ongoing programmes broadly categorised into: 1. Education, 2. Rehabilitative training, i.e. independent living skills, orientation and mobility skills, social and communication skills 3. Vocational training and employment assistance, i.e. Massage skills, basket weaving and pastry making; 4. Information Communication and Technology which includes computer training and Braille Transcription service, and 5. Early Intervention Programme. 6. Residential Care for BVI Senior Citizen 7. Vision assessment and consultation 8. Information resource for BVI 9. Research and Development of BVI tech. St. Nicholas' Home has the residential facility to accomodate upto 100 BVI trainees and residents.

Impact Indicators

  • Employment generation for marginalised communities