This program is no longer active. Please go to SEA.

About Impact Driven Enterprise

Impact Driven Enterprise is an organisations (either for-profit or non-profit) that proactively create positive social or environmental impact in a way that is financially sustainable

Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation

Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation (IDEA) is the means of validating and legally recognising the fantastic work that impact driven companies are doing across Malaysia. Accreditation as an IDE grants you a competitive leverage, helping potential partners find and engage you for business.

The IDEA platform registers partners from both private and public sectors, industry leaders that are looking to impart positive change on society.

IDEA envisions helping you scale to new heights by becoming part of a systemic change driving our nation towards an inclusive economy.

What are the criteria for accreditation?

Have a clear social mission

An IDE is required to have a clear social mission that is publicly stated in its governing documents.

Contribute significant resources to a beneficiary group
An IDE is expected to provide proof of assisting a beneficiary group. This can be in the form of monetary contributions or preferential hiring policies.
Be financially sustainable
An IDE should derive most of its funds from business operations and not through grants or donations.

How does it work?

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5

Step 1

Create a basic account by filling up a simple application form.

Step 2

You will be listed as basic IDEA member but will not be able to receive request for proposal / quotation from our Impact Partners.

Step 3

To be upgraded, you will have to pay a fee of RM1,000 and submit additional documents for auditing purposes. (A discount or a waiver of the fees may be provided based on MaGIC’s discretion.)

Step 4

Your case will be presented to an executive selection committee that endorses enterprises as IDEs for a period of one year.

Step 5

As an accredited member, you will receive requests from partners interested in procuring from you.