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Ethan SEOW


*ONLY AVAILABLE FOR MENTORSHIP ON: 27-29 August 2021. Kindly only book your sessions within these dates.

Ethan Seow is the CEO of Variantz - a Converged Platform Ecosystem provider for Smart-Connected IoT, specializing on cross-industry solutions for residential, commercial, workplace, retail, healthcare, and asset mobility.

Prior to Variantz, Ethan served in several senior leadership roles leading the Asia Pacific region on cross-functional initiatives within the technology, sales, marketing, procurement and consulting fields for Microsoft, , Wal-Mart and Asian conglomerates. His experiences focused on future-proofing x-business operations through digital transformation for the consumer, commercial and Industrial markets. Based out of Singapore, Philip serves as Non-Executive Director, Speaker, Facilitator, and Mentor for various organizations throughout Asia.

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eNation Mentoring 2021

The E-Nation 2021 - Mentorship Programme is an opportunity for the aspiring tech and social entrepreneurs to engage and be mentored by influential and experienced speakers.

This mentorship program will be ended on 2021 Nov 01, 24:00 AM +08:00