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Lalit Gautam


Lalit is a dynamic and young entrepreneur, who founded his first startup at the age of 23 and bootstrap and now at the age of 29 He Founded four startups and three is funded with an Exit.

Lalit has shown his problem solving and analytical skills since his college days and started working on some global issues like climate change and textile waste. Lalit is more concern about social issues in India and developing nations and he believes Exponential Technology can be an important tool to solve such problems.

Since he started his entrepnuer career Lalit helped more than 50 social impact startups and entrepreneurs as a mentor and start-up consultant and helped them to raised funds. Lalit is a public speaker as well and has spoken on varieties of topics from Future of SDG's to Civic education in the Arab world, unsustainable business model importance in startups to Human IQ vs Future of AI etc at various platforms including UN HQ in Geneva.

Lalit is first and the only entrepnuer awarded by three European government with innovative startup visa and funds for his work and represented India and his work in the UN twice. Raised funds from angel to VC, grants to public funds.

Lalit has won multiple fellowships including Ashoka changemaker exchange, Bosch fellow, SOCAP, and He is part of much international youth organisation like world merit, make sense and mentor in the various incubator and Global shaper in World Economic Forum. Lalit is an Indo American youth leader for 2019 and ASEAN Youth leader for the year 2019 as well.

Lalit writing two books on the topic of Startup- "How to win the hardest marathon- Startups" and "Life after the Arctic". Lalit is Robert Swan Arctic expedition fellow as well.

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