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Albert Lim


As an avid inventor, I believe disruptive innovations are transient and will be replaced by someone who has the imagination and curiosity to invent new ones. It is through this relentless pursuit in intellectual capital development that I create new economic values. Today, I am the intellectual father of numerous international patents, a technology architect, security critic, kernel hacker, cyber security consultant, and corporate entrepreneur.

My key strength includes strong entrepreneurial leadership, sharp business acumen, creative thinking and business networking capabilities with three decades of both technical and management experience in international business, partnerships and corporate venturing activities.

Secure correspondence: pgp@mit.4f77b4e5dcaa5e719965ba25fc83b15b457b3c8c

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Reviews 2

2 years ago. Kenny Cheong

Awesome !.

1 year ago. Sean Yiap

Willing to share and giving a Good Guidance .

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