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Stanley Chong


Stanley Chong, Partner in Ingenious Haus Group has more than 25 years of experience in the information technology industry. Over the past 15 years, he has been involved in managing and on advisory role to Tech and Internet companies. Playing an active role in coaching, fundraising and overall expansion for those companies.

Stanley has personally been investing and coaching tech startups for the past 10 years with organisations like Cradle, Magic, Future Lab, Cyberview Living Lab, Proficeo's Coach &  Grow program and Investor Readiness Program etc... Being a panel judge for many pitching & fundraising events as well.

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Reviews 16

3 years ago. Wilson Lau

Given great suggestions and are willing to give any advice.

3 years ago. Chris Chong

I am a sole-prop start-up that's trying to find its direction, and was too focused on the work at hand that I did not see that my company was lacking future planning. So Mr Stanley helped pin point some things that I can look at to better strengthen the company and also how I can think of scaling my company in the future. Am grateful for the short but fruitful talk..

3 years ago. K C Tay

Mr. Stanley gave a very clear explanation of various stages of product from concept to commercialization, type of available funds in the market etc. I learnt a lot from him this morning. He did an excellent job in mentoring me in the process from concept to market. A Very thank you to Mr. Stanley..

2 years ago. Amina No Name

Mr.Stanley has been very good in giving me the overall picture of the business industry. He advised me and gave me tips on how to improve the chances of my business to succeed. He told me exactly what i needed to hear, the ups and downs of pursuing the entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend him to any business owner. Thank you.

2 years ago. Qamal Mustafa

Gave alot of helpful insight and knowledge regarding the important aspect on starting a business. It helps to identify which part I need to focus on and how to move forward in order to get things running..

2 years ago. Ser Liang Chang

Love that part of pushing me to think further and more.

2 years ago. Brian yeap

Great mentor 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

2 years ago. Sara Teoh

Mr Stanley is a really cool guy and gives constructive feedback on our current business situation. .

2 years ago. Zul Azhan Abu Bakar

He's a very experienced guy. Got a lot of valuable insight. Thankful for the tips and additional info he shared..

2 years ago. Roy Heng

Mr Stanley is a very experienced and strict mentor. He points out the inner weaknesses of us whereby we had neglected all the time and advice us on the further steps. Thank you Mr Stanley!.

2 years ago. Dylan Lee

Thank you Mr. Chong! Your advices were filled with depth and width. You have taken time to listen and give guidance which I truly believe that it is a great help in an entrepreneurship life long journey. Hopefully, I will have more chances to learn and seek more advices from you again. .

2 years ago. Stevens Chan


1 year ago. Queenie Chong

Mr Stanley has given me very helpful tips and materials to grow my startup. Thankful for his time and advice.

1 year ago. Horng Zhien Yong

Stanley has provided me with a clearer idea of the next step and resources we can use to our advantage.

1 year ago. Rakesh Patni

Very helpful.

1 year ago. Ariff Putera


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