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Andy Roy Sian


I’m an Information Technology graduate with more than 16 years work experience in various capacity and performing roles such as Business & Strategy Development, Sales & Account Management, Strategic Partnership & Alliances, Web Design & Development, Program Management, Business Intelligence, Operations and Support. I have worked with large corporations, government-linked companies, telecommunications companies and also ICT solutions & services provider, covering sectors such as Government, Higher Education, eCommerce, Airport & Aviation, Retail & Commercial, to name a few.

My main role with NEM Malaysia will be to lead our Government, GLC and Higher Education Institutions relations and engagement in Malaysia, while my other role involves in assisting the creation of a vibrant Blockchain ecosystem in Malaysia with NEM Blockchain technology at the centre of it. On top of the above, I am NEM Malaysia's liaison for Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei engagements.

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Reviews 8

3 years ago. Kennedy Muninzwa

he offers constructive advice and guidance .

3 years ago. Saif Muhtar

30 minutes session, but full with information. Thank you so much..

2 years ago. Danish Ikhwan

Lots of helpful information for 30 minutes of conversation!.

2 years ago. Nur 'Atiqah Azhar

Your advice and suggestion to my problem was so clear and helpful. Thank you so much :) .

2 years ago. Adrian Lee

Good general information on subject matters..

2 years ago. Beatrice Lim

it's very informative and can tell that I've learned something. Sometimes things can be easy coming out from our mouth, but it's always a challenge when you have to do it from scratch. Thanks a lot, appreciate it.

2 years ago. Roy Heng

Sir gave me a confirmation on my business. Thank you so much!.

2 years ago. Dev No Name

Mr. Andy Roy Sian known what the mentee seek for it. He really understood and given the revelant feedback to mentee. Thank you very much for sharing the valuable information and guidance, Sir. .

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