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Ji Sheng Tan


Tan Ji Sheng is an all-rounder technology expert with diverse experience revolving around strategizing product development roadmap and architecting solutions. He has helped clients plan and build applications, data visualisations, running artificial intelligent experiments, building the data pipeline and achieve cost optimization by making use of solutions on the cloud.

He is currently the founder of TriveAcademy Sdn Bhd which has been awarded the Best Blockchain Technology Developer Award at the Bloconomic Expo 2019. TriveAcademy is working with universities on R&D of solutions involving blockchain technology. He, along with the developers in the company is currently the main maintainer of a public blockchain protocol, trivechain that is focusing on games and entertainment. He is appointed as the vice president of Malaysia Blockchain Association in April 2019 to further promote blockchain technology use cases of IR 4.0 especially towards smart city and agriculture.

Prior, He was the co-founder and CTO of multiple startups, queue management system in the year 2013, Qtix; Cloud printing solutions with presence in more than 30 universities, Sprintla; and Hexon Data Sdn Bhd which provides tracking and analysis of buses and solid waste truck collectors in Petaling Jaya and Penang through the state governments.

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