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Jeevan Kumar


After a 15-year corporate career in the Advertising industry and having lived in 6 countries across SEA, I finally decided to return home to Malaysia to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. In just three years we grew from a team of 3 to over 80 and from Malaysia to Indonesia & Cambodia.

Logistics Pitching Startup # Courier & Logistics Lean Startup Fundraising/Pitching Fundraising Software / tech startups
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MaGIC Mentorship

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An array of mentors from MaGIC as well as the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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This mentorship program will be ended on 2021 Dec 31, 24:00 AM +08:00

Reviews (3)

22 hours ago. Aaron Tee

Yup, he have provided me a lots of solution and guidance..

44 weeks ago. Ayame Nagata

Mr. Jeevan gave me very constructive advice to move my idea forward. I could learn business concept is the first important key to attract users and investors, and the concept should be unique solution against the issues which users face. Also, he introduced me some entrepreneur programs which may support my business to be developed and grow. Thank you very much..

32 weeks ago. Dev No Name

Mr. Jeevan Kumar is friendly and open minded person. He know what the player needs in the field. Thank you very much for the sharing valuable information and guidance, Sir..