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Yee Siang is a full stack developer with a wide range of software development experience since y2k. He builds web application that has scaled up to million worth of transaction a month, in addition of a mobile app with Corona SDK / PhoneGap / native Android.

He is currently the Lead Developer in MaGIC while being a frequent mentor & judge for the startup community. He is also a guest lecturer at a design college and a PMP certified project manager. He also runs a software agency and a startup for book lovers while being a father to his son. He believes that great entrepreneurs can be anybody and he is inspired to offer his help like how others have helped him.

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Reviews 15

4 years ago. Liew Chong Sing

Patient and helpful. Highly recommended .

4 years ago. Ahmad khusyairie ali

Amazing mentor. A lot of technical know-how and understanding about how to actually kick start the startup in more proper way. A right person if someone want to talk to about a mobile app. Five star. .

3 years ago. Francis Chuah

my mentor was giving me very good suggestion and direction, I will work toward that. .

3 years ago. Marvin Heng

The mentor has well knowledge in guiding me, keen to help in linking me with another startup founder to further discuss on possible collaboration. He is really friendly and helpful!.

3 years ago. Ikhwan Mobin

Thank you for spending more time with me. We meet earlier than proposed. He give a great and full explanation, and make my path more clear. Hope to see him again soon..

3 years ago. imdad azman

He showed a lot of paths that can be taken in entrepreneurship, as well as my next step....

3 years ago. CHERRYL LOI

Great discussion TQ .

3 years ago. May Lee

Very glad that I met Mr. Tan. He shared with me a lot of useful knowledge and guidance. Have a clearer mind now and will work harder for it. Noted with the comments below. Thank you so much. .

3 years ago. Tan Yee Siang

asda sd.

2 years ago. Mohammed Ahmed Saleh

It is a pleasure to met him .. He is humble and intelligent person and I learned a lot of things from him, he gave me valuable advices, which I will follow .. I really thank him so much and I hope we keep in touch .. Thank you Mr. Yee Tan..

2 years ago. Roy Goh

fruitful discussion, great feedback and encouragement.

2 years ago. Yee CS

Friendly. Informative.

2 years ago. Wong Vee Kin

YS gave a lot of good insights to do a reality check and more detailed and prudent planning. It was enlightening to hear him share about his observations on the startup arena. .

2 years ago. Kuhan Kanapathy

Super helpful.

1 year ago. Amirah Mahyudin


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