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Roslin Mohd Daud


I lead the MOOC (online courses) programme at MaGIC managing content, programme development and new initiatives in areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. I moved to MaGIC after serving 22 years in business development and project management in the private and semi-public sectors. I coach and mentor in the areas of business modeling, exponential organisations and innovation management.

Design Thinking Social Innovation Business Models Growth & Strategy
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MaGIC Mentorship

A mentorship programme brought to you by MaGIC for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.

An array of mentors from MaGIC as well as the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Mentorship appointments are based on the mentor's availability and can take place either by online or physical meet up.

This mentorship program will be ended on 2021 Dec 31, 24:00 AM +08:00

Reviews (15)

1 year ago. Muhammad Yamani Bin M Rahman

Very helpful and kind.

1 year ago. Saif Muhtar

She a good listener and a good adviser. She give a great advice on growing my business and I take all of her advises seriously. Thank you so much for your time Ms Roslin..

1 year ago. Fiqa Hafidz

She's advice steps clearly and from that I'm able to draft and planning my strategy. 5/5 🌟 Do help me in checking my portfolio .

1 year ago. 'Ainol Mardhiah

Good advice for amateur bd just like me.



1 year ago. Charlie Hoo

Great mentor. Very patience and teachful ! .

51 weeks ago. Elmy Khalim

She understands the idea or business model, which is very important to me. She thinks I should talk and tell this idea to a lot more people, (which is I agreed) so to get their opinion and question that will help me strengthen the idea more. She also gives me some business model that I should look into it, and we will talk more after this once I have done a few things that she thinks will help me..

50 weeks ago. Alison Grün

annoying to be cut off so abruptly.

43 weeks ago. Zach Ng

Had a very good discussion Ms Roslin regarding potential pivoting of our business model. Definitely will come back for more advice once everything is on track..

35 weeks ago. carlson lai

thanks for the valuable opinion .

27 weeks ago. Norizan Mohamad

This meeting lasts for only 30 minutes. However, Mrs Roslin had been giving various advice and ideas to improve my business proposal. She talks quite nicely and clear English. I hope to get more advice from her in future. .

24 weeks ago. Ming Jin Cheok

Solid advice from Roslin in areas like marketing mix, scaling operations, customer persona & maximizing their LTV. She's very humble and comfortable to talk with too. I wish I had this session earlier..

1 year ago. Anas Matsham

Always interesting to hear from another person's perspective. Insightful discussion and sharing session.

17 weeks ago. akbar jaya

Lovely and helpful.

13 weeks ago. Ayame Nagata

She gave me advice on what I can do in CMCO situation, which prevented me from start testing my service. It opened my eye and I think I will start testing them asap. Thank you very much for mentoring..