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Viviantie Sarjuni


Viviantie joined MaGIC in 2016 and has a broad background in the education and training industry for almost 10 years. In MaGIC, she is responsible in the planning of entrepreneurship programs nationwide and managing partnerships with both private, public sector and professionals in the ecosystem. Apart from this, she is also passionate about helping to identify and close the skills gap among entrepreneurs in rural areas especially in Sabah and Sarawak where education and training are less accessible compared to in Peninsula Malaysia.

A firm believer in lifelong learning, she believes entrepreneurs and startups need to upgrade their skills and ensure the business stays relevant in the industry - and these can be achieved through education and trainings.

Viviantie also enjoys humanitarian works, travelling, good food, books, and music.

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Reviews 8

4 years ago. Nazrin Abu Bakar

She was helpful and understanding on personally and professionally .

4 years ago. Muhammad Yamani Bin M Rahman

She took the trouble to attend my inquiry. .

3 years ago. Hammad Hazim Azhar

She listened patiently to understand my proposal. She also gave a very constructive feedback and focused recommendations on how the ideas could be explored more. Really glad that I met her. .

3 years ago. Sabrina Melisa

Enjoyed the session very much. Vivi is easy to talk to and provides constructive feedback. She gives me to confidence to start small and see where it goes from there.

3 years ago. Nicholas Chan

The conversation was perfect & there's many good points that was highlighted. Applaud her for taking a step further by inviting KarSin to join in the sharing session. That means a lot..

3 years ago. Aisy Norazli

Muna gave me a very good guide and assistance with my queries. I am highly satisfied with her service..

2 years ago. Eng Chew

Vivi is fantastic. Very helpful in sharing her experience and network with me. I hope we will have a chance to work together in the future. .

2 years ago. KHENG THEONG ONG

Unfortunately we cant meet Viviantie, however she has help us to coordinate with MAGIC for another mentor meetup at the same day. Mentor Mohd Rizalman Mohd Ali has gave us valuable guidelines and to-do list in details before even we start our project. .

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