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Denis Oakley


I help startups:

- Design robust business models
- Change them when they need to pivot
- Build powerful systems and processes when they get Product/Market and Product/Channel fit

I'm from England and have been in Malaysia for 10 years. Multiple Startups and prizes. Multiple failures. Massive learning. Check out www.denis-oakley.com for more

Do feel free to book a session. I'm happy with video or call.

BOOK Using the Link Below - then once confirmed add to FutureLab.


It is always good if you can share your

- pitch deck
- business model canvas

before the meeting, if you have one as that helps me understand your startup a bit better. (denis@denis-oakley.com)

Finally do let me know 2-3 specific questions that we should work on. That means you get far more value than if we just have a nice chat together.

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Reviews 15

3 years ago. Lalaa Said

Denis is very knowledgable on his field. He helped me a lot with good ideas, the do and donts, and some references for me to check out. The session is very fruitful and I'm glad to have a conversation with him. Thank you Denis!.

3 years ago. Leon Wong

Great thx to the mentor for opening my mind up..

3 years ago. Peng Han *

Denis was patient to attend to my problem that i was facing and was straight forward to the point in helping me analyze what the root problem was. I find his insights valuable and have a clearer direction after speaking to him..

3 years ago. Vemal Balaras

I learned alot of good stuff from him. .

3 years ago. Nurshafira Binti Noh

Denis really helpful and gave me a lot of concrete insights for my business idea. I would love to engage with him more in the future.

3 years ago. Muhammad hasif husin

mentor not available.

3 years ago. Navinn Rajalingam

Provides encouraging words and advice from personal experience .

3 years ago. jasdev singh

amazing outlook in the starting point of a successful startup .

2 years ago. Samantha Ng

Denis is a friendly & helpful person. He gave me useful suggestions in marketing as well as tips on expansion..

2 years ago. Justin Tai

Dennis is a really cool guy and gives constructive feedback on our current business situation (value and moat). Would definitely recommend anyone who are looking to startup to Dennis!.

1 year ago. Henry Woo Chen Leong

Although my camera doesn't work but mentor Denis explaining very good and friendly..

1 year ago. NASH ARIS


1 year ago. Muhammad Hanif Mohd Saaid

A session all startup must hvae in the list..

1 year ago. Alexandre Pizzol


1 year ago. Bernie Yong

Denis provided really great insight in regards to Understanding your customers, what are their needs, what is their pain points. .

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