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Aik Keong Tan


Founder of Agmo Studio, experienced technology entrepreneurs in App/Blockchain development for different industry - Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Logistic and more. President of Malaysia Mobile App Developer Association.

Software Development Product Development FinTech Cryptocurrency Software Architecture UI/UX Design App Development Blockchain Development Fundraising
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MaGIC Mentorship

A mentorship programme brought to you by MaGIC for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs.

An array of mentors from MaGIC as well as the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Mentorship appointments are based on the mentor's availability and can take place either by online or physical meet up.

This mentorship program will be ended on 2021 Dec 31, 24:00 AM +08:00

Reviews (12)

1 year ago. Fahad Noor

He gave me proper time to explain my idea and gave me really good suggestions. As for me one of the best mentor I have ever came across. Thank You.

1 year ago. Teh Lee Jie

Learn a lot of things and receive a lot of advice on managing a software development house, especially on project management..

1 year ago. Khairul Afham

I am grateful with his hindsight and thoughts was shared during 30minutes meeting.His vast experience is definitely helped me to charter next in the area i am venturing. Thank you to MaGic and AK!.

1 year ago. CHIN HUAT CHEE

Continue giving advice and suggestion, very informative to let me having a wider choices about my startup. Thank you so much..

1 year ago. Adrian Lee

Very helpful. Will ask very critical key questions about your idea. Guide you what is the step to materialize your idea..

46 weeks ago. Low Richie

Point out some issues I should aware of, provide useful information and resources to help with my startup, really appreciate for his help. .

44 weeks ago. Lee Paul

He has provided useful information, straightforward to main point I needed. Well explained to my question. .

45 weeks ago. Chandrasekaran Rajaratnam

I received clear feedback on what direction I should consider and he was helpful by providing links to help with my project. Very knowledgeable and friendly. .

33 weeks ago. imdad azman

A very productive session. I gained the insights I needed from someone who is experienced in the field, as well as the guidance..

30 weeks ago. Dev No Name

Mr. Aik Keong Tan understand the situation and sharing the relevant information to the next action. Thank you very much for sharing the valuable information, Sir..

25 weeks ago. Chang Katherine

Mentor was really attentive and helpful. He followed through the actions items and was really resourceful. The mentorship session was really fruitful. .

22 weeks ago. Jake Lee Jia Jian

Very informative and helpful!.