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Nigel Gibbs


Business & People Leader with 25+ years Experience Sucessfully Developing Business & Commercial Teams across Asia Pacific, The Middle East & Europe. Mentor/Coach to Entrepeneurs and Start-ups including Studenapreneurs.

Experienced Adaptable Management & Commercial (Business Development, Marketing & Sales) Professional with Extensive International Leadership experience in the B2B and more recently, Higher Education sector.

Proven track record building, managing & leading successful business teams, exceeding targets. Full P&L, market review & entry, restructuring organisations, managing change, increasing sales productivity, effectiveness & customer focus, reducing working capital, optimising channels to market & distributor partnerships, developing commercial & technical teams in multi-cultural environments.

International Company Director Experience (inc Corporate Governance) in EU & Asia - UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Thailand & Vietnam.

Primary exposure in B2B, B2B2C & B2C in the Higher Education, Advanced Materials, Specialty Chemicals, Food Ingredients, Hi-Tech, & Scientific markets. Segments including Education, Guest Lecturing, Industry Engagement, Adhesives, Sealants, Composites, Resins, Pigments, Additives, Coatings, Inks, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Catalysts, Nano Materials & Polymers. The Common Thread - Marketing of Technical Specification Added Value Solutions - Direct & via B2B/B2C Distribution in Asia Pacific, UK/EU & Middle East

My career experience is as a Regional Business & Company Director for Asia Pacific & the Middle East, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & previously Singapore & Melbourne for the past 22 years leading & developing performing business teams including China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, ASEAN & ANZ. I am from Cambridge England originally & prior to that my Business & Commercial Experience was in UK/EU.

I work as an Expert Business Consultant regularly advising Investors, Market Researchers, Market Intelligence Companies, MNC’s & SME’s. I was a co-Founder of MindMechanics – Introducing You to Yourself” online & face to face self- Development Programmes to benefit Organisations and the Malaysian Rakyat.

I Mentor/Coach Studentapreneurs at MaGIC, YCM - Young Corporate Malaysians & various Malaysian Universities (Public & Private) including MMU, Sunway University/Lancaster, Sunway College/Victoria, UM, Nottingham, Peninsula & Taylor's. This is done on a Volunteer basis & pro bono for no payment to help Young Adult Malaysian Entrepreneurs. I enjoy Mentoring/Coaching Entrepreneurial young adults as they have open, clear, clean minds and see things in an uncomplicated way, which I find very energising and inspiring! It also keeps me up to date with industry trends and technologies.

I am currently a Part Time Entrepreneurial MBA Lecturer at Peninsula College/University of Gloucester UK in Shah Alam. Subjects Lectured include Importance Business Networking, Overseas Trade Development, Understanding Markets & Customers, Managing Across Borders, Cross Cultural Management, Doing Business in ASEAN. These are to CEO’s, MD’s & Founders of Entrepreneurial Malaysian Businesses helping them Develop & Start Exporting Overseas.
In Taylor’s University, I lead the commercialisation side of the EAP - Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme for Students who wanted to take their Start-Up Businesses to Commercialisation. I also ran the Bizpod Business Incubator. I was responsible for all areas of External Engagement with Companies, MNC’s & SME’s, Associations, Organisations, Government Departments, NGO’s, Charities, Consultants & Entrepreneurs. I have developed a good Ecosystem and Network both within Malaysia & Globally.

I was invited to work with MaGIC as a registered Mentor & in various areas/projects. I have also worked closely with:
• YCM - Young Corporate Malaysians
• Sunway iLabs/iMaker Space
• MMU EDC - Entrepreneur Development Centre
• Haydyn Green Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Nottingham University UK
• Vinod Sekar Incubation Centre at Nottingham Malaysia Campus
• University of Malaya AEI – Asia Europe Institute
• IWFCI - International Women’s Federation of Commerce & Industry Malaysia
• Taylor’s University Bizpod
• Petrosains Centre for Learning & Innovation
• UUM Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business
• PSDC – Penang Skills Development Centre
• QUT – Queensland University of Technology
• EOM - Entrepreneurs Organisation Malaysia
• MBAN/Alphacap - Business Incubator
• MICG – Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance
• MACT – Malaysian Association of Corporate Treasurers
• MDEC – Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation
• MIDA – Malaysian Investment Development Authority
• MATRADE – Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation
• MoFA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• BHC KL – British High Commission KL
• EU MCCI – EU –Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry
• BMCC – British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
• IMBA – Italian Malaysian Business Association
• AHK – Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce
• Cradle
• SME Corp
• Talentcorp
• Exim Bank Malaysia
• Wadhwani Foundation

In the UK I worked with:
• Cranfield University School of Management
• Judge Business School, Cambridge University
• Centre for Continuous Learning, Cambridge University
• Cambridge Marketing College, Cambridge
• UWE – University of Western England, Bristol Business School Launch Space Incubator
• University of Portsmouth

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Reviews 16

3 years ago. Adele Chow

It’s more in the technical support. Details as below: 1)difficulties in logging video conferance, hence was late for the appointment which was schedule for 30 mins only. 2) subsequently, the video call was just cut off by 2.30(end time for the video call) without prompting either party or asking whether we need to extend our time. In the end, I have to call the mentor via ohone to finish the discussion. Too much of disruption. .

3 years ago. Amirrul Rasyid

Mentor is really great and helpful but the time limit imposed meaning we got cut during a Q&A session. I only managed to ask 3 questions.

3 years ago. Mardhiah Bahrom

I was late by 10 minutes. But awkwardly he just look and stares. I could hear his background. But he didnt say anything. And 5 minutes before actual time end. He cut the video short..

2 years ago. Praveen Selvadurai

He was super responsive to all the question. Definitely someone that I would recommended to..

2 years ago. Praveen Selvadurai

he is great mentor.....many useful thoughts given by him.

2 years ago. Ren Yin No Name

He was very willing to share his experience and gave a fresh perspective on our subject..

2 years ago. Von Ee

Nigel was able to share his experience in various industry and took the time to provide action point on how to proceed further. .

2 years ago. Weng Wah Lew

Great. Feel great and comfortable to talk to..

2 years ago. Weng Wah Lew

Very inspiring and encouraging.

2 years ago. Weng Wah Lew

Very inspiring and encouraging to talk to.

2 years ago. Weng Wah Lew

Very inspiring and encouraging talk to.

2 years ago. Weng Wah Lew

Very inspiring and encouraging to talk to.

2 years ago. Ser Liang Chang

Great! think from my perspective most of the time.

2 years ago. Thanasekar Thangavelu

It was a great conversation, Iwas able to obtain alot of information regarding international linkage. Looking forward for another fruitful session. Thank you sir, it was a great guidance.

2 years ago. Andy Lee

Good chat, gave some clear pointers and suggestions moving forward.


Thanks Nigel for your time. You had indeed shared the most important points but yet missing in my design. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and certainly i will transform it into action. .

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