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Eric Jude


MENTOR SITE - www.ericmentors.com

Presently I mentor entrepreneurs and startups on SEEDSTARS, MentorCruise ( https://mentorcruise.com/mentor/EricJude ) and MicroMentor in USA.

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Reviews 16

2 years ago. Von Ee

Eric took the time to listen and break down my intention behind the problem. He was very attentive, knowledgeable and very patient :) .

2 years ago. Melanie Shim

Eric is clearly very experienced in how to build a brand. He asks th right questions for new entrepreneurs to think about when it comes to starting their company and provides excellent solutions according to the mentee's needs. He is also very patient with my questions and he makes sure mentee understands what needs to be done before ending a session. Thank you so much for the session Eric. Really appreciate the time..

2 years ago. Melanie Shim

Eric has given me clear and thorough steps that I must go through to build a memorable brand. I am confident that once all the hard work is done, my brand will create the best possible impression to the public..

2 years ago. Sujatha Thayan

I was clueless about how to brand my ecommerce store, Eric clearly explained the purpose & if there is any need for branding, or I can just focus on generating sales by asking questions in order to understand my background so he could assist me towards the right direction and it was an eye-opener for me. Thank you very much for sharing so much of valuable tips Eric ! .

2 years ago. Syahrun Naim Rafie

Eric was great in specifying the issues that I had within my strategy. I was a bit all over the place and doubted if I am in the right track, and Eric helped me in projecting the path much clearer. .

2 years ago. Sujatha Thayan

Great coaching session by Eric. He has given me clear & constructive advice and suggested result-oriented strategies to improve the branding of my business. A million thanks to Eric for your guidance. Also, a big thanks to MaGIC for offering Mentorship Program..

1 year ago. Stefanus Able


1 year ago. Nivasini Tanggarachai

He gives clear picture on how a business works in the market.

1 year ago. Chao Yin


1 year ago. Sharfiza Abdul Aziz

I had an amazing session with Eric. He was very helpful and he really helped me to work on my confidence and plan for my ownself and companies' growth. very helpful. Thank you so much!.

1 year ago. S P Kee

Eric was very patient. He took time to listen and understand my work which I truly appreciate. He has given me a few pointers to rethink about my strategies in building a personal branding. His words of encouragement means a lot to me. .


Best mentor ever for sure i will keep touch with Mr Eric Jude for more mentoring session.

1 year ago. Wong Hin

I've learned so much from Eric in just 1 session. He is very understanding and willing to listen to help. He validate my ideas, gave me constructive feedback which enables me to focus to solve and proceed to the next step. I'm so grateful to have met Eric..

47 weeks ago. Darren Lee Yeu Jyn

The mentor is fantastic at providing solutions to the challenges I was facing. His points were clear and I could resonate to what he was sharing. .

3 days ago. Bernice Por

Mentor has been vert flexible and constructive in his feedback. It definitely help me to clear my mind and make my own decision. He was very encouraging and this sentence he say will guide me " Don't let anyone run your life. You run your life" .

3 days ago. IZRIN KAMIL

a real eye opener, made me see a better path than i had planned.

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