Bagaimana ianya berfungsi?

  • Daftar

    Dapatkan akses dari pelbagai mentor yang boleh dipercayai

  • Cari Mentor anda

    Cari mentor dari pelbagai kepakaran untuk membantu usaha anda

  • Bertemu dalam talian

    Bertemu mentor anda dalam talian jika pertemuan bersemuka adalah mustahil untuk anda

Cari Mentor anda
  • Hantar Permohonan

    Join a community of like-minded individuals looking to expand and share knowledge

  • Mengenali satu sama lain

    A simple e-meet to get to know each other better and assist your placement

  • Pakar yang disahkan

    Sebaik sahaja disahkan, mulakan sesi bimbingan anda dengan mentee anda

Memohon menjadi Mentor MaGIC


  • Unlock potensi anda

    Challenge yourself with higher goals and attain them with the help of mentors

  • Membangunkan pertumbuhan anda

    Hone your strengths and identify your areas of improvement

  • Belajar dari Pengalaman

    Gain access to mentors experiences and learn from their do's and don'ts

Apa-apa komuniti kami cakap

Kim Lim

Co-Founder and CEO at The Picha Project

“In Picha’s journey, mentorship has helped us so much in making sure that we are always on the right track. It also sometimes help us in bringing different perspectives towards our business. It is important to experiment those ideas or inputs given and see if it works for your company as well. Maintaining those mentor-mentee relationship is crucial to our business’s growth and Picha had always been very appreciative towards those relationships. Our mentors are like our parents."

YT Choo

Founder at Pocohouze

“I've never thought mentorship will work, especially for me who has been in business for more than 10 years. They are like a support group that every entrepreneur need. They never judge who and what you are. Just advises on the matter you need help for. They will try their best to help or will point you in the direction you wanted. Try to open up to the mentor, and you will be surprised with the outcome."

Hazel Lee Lai Lian

Founder and Designer at YDJ Design

“The MaGIC mentorship program was great. Thumbs up! I asked for pitching advice and got really good tips from one of the mentors. He is an amazing mentor with a very outgoing personality, something which I find quite a challenge to become. My biggest takeways from the mentoring session were that I was able to learn how to be more expressive, how to improve self confidence, and how to use various body postures and body language techniques when pitching to convey the right messages. It was a great session! But one session won't be enough. I encourage all entrepreneurs to engage with the mentors that MaGIC provides for at least once a month."


Brian Tan

CEO & Co-Founder at The FutureLab

We are excited to collaborate with MaGIC to provide access to mentorship opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs in Malaysia and South East Asia. We are MaGIC Alumni ourselves, attending the Stanford Go-to-market program as well as the e@Stanford program in 2016 so we hope that connecting with these mentors can help you take your startup to the next level!

If you would like to connect to more mentors & online courses - check us out at

Good luck and happy learning!
Brian & The FutureLab team