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In accordance with Guidelines 5 (GP5) Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission, the Mandatory Course is compulsory course for all members of the Co-operative Board (ALK) and the Internal Audit Committee (IAC). Course List
List of Courses:
I. Mandatory Course 1: Management and Administration of Cooperatives
II. Mandatory Course 2: Co-operative Financial Management
III. Mandatory Course 3: Strategic Management
IV. Mandatory Course IAC: Cooperative Auditing Accounting Procedures
This course is important to enable the Board to understand the concept of cooperatives as well as identify their roles and responsibilities that are generally viable to manage and monitor cooperative resources and assets efficiently and effectively.
Hence, Board and IAC appointed must attend these three courses within the stipulated period to increase the competence and governance of the cooperative. Failure to attend these courses will have an impact on the ALK involved.
These courses are conducted at the CCM headquarters and in all the CCM zones. Each course takes only 2 days. Applicants may apply for courses according to date and place as scheduled.