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The Second National Science and Technology Policy provides a framework for improved performance and long-term growth of the Malaysian economy. The policy aims to:

  • Increase the national capability and capacity for research and development (R&D), technology development and acquisition
  • Encourage partnerships between public funded organizations and industry as well as between local and foreign companies for the co-development of technologies with a view to increasing indigenous technology capability
  • Enhance the transformation of knowledge into products, processes, services or solutions that add value across every industry for maximum socio-economic benefit
  • Position Malaysia as a technology provider in the key strategic knowledge industries such as biotechnology, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, microelectronics, information and communication technologies, aerospace, energy, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology and photonics
  • Foster societal values and attitudes that recognize S&T as critical to future prosperity including the need for life-long learning
  • Ensure that the utilisation of S&T accords emphasis towards approaches that are in conformity with sustainable developmental goals including alignment with societal norms and ethics
  • To develop new knowledge based industries


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