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To build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem and to catalyse creativity & innovation for long term nation impact.

Resources by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

  1. Amplify Accelerator (Accelerator)
  2. Amplify Awards (Awards)
  3. ASEAN Centre of Entrepreneurship (ACE) (Services)
  4. Buy-For-Impact (Market Access)
  5. Distro Camp (Accelerator)
  6. Distro Dojo (Accelerator)
  7. e@Stanford Program (Training)
  8. Global Accelerator Programme (Accelerator)
  9. Global Market-Fit Programme (Market Access)
  10. Grill or Chill (Mentorship & Coaching)
  11. IDEA Accelerator (Accelerator)
  12. Idea lab / Startup Weekend (Training)
  13. Impact Driven Accredation (Certification)
  14. MaGIC Academy (Training)
  15. MaGIC Academy Symposium (Event)
  16. MaGIC Accelerator Programme (Accelerator)
  17. MaGIC Activate (Market Access)
  18. MaGIC Bootcamps (Workshop)
  19. MaGIC Central (Mentorship & Coaching)
  20. MaGIC Co-Working Space (Co-working Space)
  21. MaGIC Co-Working Space (B774) (Co-working Space)
  22. MaGIC Ecosystem Builders Programme (MEBP) (Workshop)
  23. MaGIC Mentorship (Mentorship & Coaching)
  24. MaGIC Online Academy (Training)
  25. MaGIC Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (Training)
  26. Malaysia MY Startup Home (MMSH) (Market Access)
  27. MY ASEAN Internship (Internship)
  28. MyStartup Hub (Market Access)
  29. National Technology & Innovation Sandbox (NTIS) (Policy)
  30. Pemangkin Usahawan Sosial Hebat (PUSH) (Grant)
  31. Pre - Accelerator Program (Accelerator)
  32. Regulatory Sandbox (Policy)
  33. SEHATI (Training)
  34. SESI Trainer Certification (Training)
  35. Social Enterprise Accreditation (SE.A) (Certification)
  36. Social Entrepreneurs - Transformation, Innovation & Acceleration (SEtia) (Training)
  37. SPARK (Workshop)
  38. Stanford Go2Market Program (Training)
  39. Startup Exchange Programme (SEP) (Market Access)
  40. University Startup Challenge (USC) (Competition)