Social Enterprise Accreditation (SE.A) FAQs


The Social Enterprise Accreditation (SE.A) is a national certification by Ministry of Entrepreneur Development (MED) recognising legitimate social enterprises. SEA intends to certify the status of social enterprises in Malaysia to help them access greater support and opportunities to grow.

The SE.A Guidelines is a step-by-step manual to facilitate social entrepreneurs through their accreditation process. It contains specific details regarding the scope of social enterprises, the benefits of being registered or recognised as a social enterprise, as well as a detailed explanation regarding the accreditation criteria.

As per definiton by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development, Social Enterprise (SE) is a business entity that is registered under any written law in Malaysia that proactively creates positive social or environmental impact in a way that is financially sustainable.

There are three main criterias to be accredited as a social enterprise under SE.A. To be eligible for SE.A, an SE must:

1) Proactively create positive social or environmental impact

2) Contribute significant resources to as social or environmental mission

3) Financially sustainable

Stage 1: Register as Basic SE

Stage 2: Get Accredited as SE.A

Stage 3: Level up to SE.A Plus

Basic SE

1) Social enterprises with a Basic SE status are considered self declared SEs

2) Deemed as a registered social enterprise in MED’s database

3) Upon receiving your Basic SE status, you will then be able to move on to the full accreditation process

SE.A Status

1) By virtue of a SE Accreditation status, you will be officially accredited as a social enterprise by MED

2) SE.A status grants you eligibility to apply to be considered under Section 44(11C) Income Tax Act to provide tax deduction receipts to your donors

3) The accreditation will be valid for a period of not more than 3 years, subject to the accredited SE adhering to specified reporting requirements

SE.A Plus

SE.A Plus enables you to issue donation receipts to individual and corporate donors.

Step 1: Create a basic account by submitting application for 'Basic SE' status. This application form will be checked by an officer from MED or any one of its designated agencies

Step 2: You will receive an email for 'Basic SE' status approval

Step 3: Apply for full accreditation by clicking 'Get Accredited' and submit full documentation on the platform

Step 4: Your application will be vetted through by a designated officer for review and will be put forth to the SE.A committee for approval

Step 5: You will receive an approval/rejection email for 'Social Enterprise Accreditation (SE.A) Status'. The SE.A certification will be available in your account for download

Step 6: For those that would like to go to the next stage of accreditation - apply for SE.A Plus

Step 7: The application for SE.A Plus will be made to the Ministry of Finance and Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia

Step 8: Upon the approval under Section 44(11C) of the Income Tax Act 1967, you will be able to issue donation receipts to individual and corporate donors

No application or programme fee will be charged for the Social Enterprise Accreditation (SE.A)

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Funding and support

Over time, MED and other agencies will provide a range of additional support for registered SEs

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Get access to the Buy for Impact campaign for public and private involvement in social procurement

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Yes, the Social Enterprise Accreditation is for recognising Malaysian Social Enterprises only

The SE.A certificate is valid for a period of 3 years, of which you will have to go through a re-audit to ensure your impact and sustainability as a social enterprise is updated

Any company that is registered with ROS or SSM