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Better live through stingless bee honey

Project Information

Problem Statement

Low quality of honey production leads to food security issue and conventional method of beekeeping and harvesting affecting biodiversity


Implementing the technology of Honey Interlinked dehydration and dispensal apparatus (HILDA)

strict laboratory SOP during the process. 

Implementing Mustapha Hive for beekeeping (replace log method) that is made by recyclable materials 

Project Timeline

  • Date Start: 2021 Apr 01
  • Date End: 2022 Aug 31

Assistance Required

Financial Support
MYR 43,000.00

Benefit In-kind MYR 3,000.00

To support the community's extra preparation fund.

Non-recourse Grant MYR 40,000.00

It is used for the community's material,tools, equipments and some plantations that are required. We are also using some of this to transform the industry by using IoT 

Non-Financial Support

Partnership / Collaboration

To double the impacts

Brand Design & Communications

Business & Marketing Strategy

Digitalisation/ Technology Adoption

Impact Measurement & Reporting

Network & Mentorship

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Better live through stingless bee honey 

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Nectar is a Social Enterprise with a business model of market intermediary run by a group of students that wish to benefit and contribute to the community. We provide education to the community to increase the awareness of this existence being (bee) and introduce a new method of beekeeping such as Mustapha Hive to reduce logging occurs. Train on the trainers are also conducted to ensure the locals farmers have the minimum ideas on how to conduct a more sustainable beekeeping method. Involve people from low income communities in packaging the processed raw honey. In order to sustain ourselves and constantly impacting the community, Nectar offers a uniqueness of stingless bee honey which produce by an eco friendly method, Mustapha Hive and being processed by HILDA (Honey Interlinked Dehydration and Dispenser Apparatus) to avoid any food security issues.