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No Food Waste, Sustainable Future.

Nobody should go hungry in a world of plenty.

Project Information

Problem Statement

Health and Food accesibility:
Curent economic conditions, and rising good prices causing produce being ineccessible to the B40 directly causing malnutrition related issues like stunting, wasting, immunity, overall development, longevity, metabolism especially in developing children which will leads to poor cognitive function, school performance, esteem, poor earning in future life as well as healthcare burden.

Food Waste and Environmental Issues:
As agriculture industries is the leading contributor of green house gasses due to requiring mass energy and resources to produce yield. Food waste will occupied landfills if not consumed.

Local Businesses:
Local industries will have lose profit from food wastages.


Circular Ecosystem:
Establishing circular ecosystem by helping local farmers and distributors on reducing their wastage and channel the produce to the communities by establishing affordable neighbourhood morning market in the B40 areas, food aid distribution or recycle/re-purposing food waste. 

Zero Hunger:
Ensuring families to have accessible and affordable essential nutritious diet, mitigating issues of hidden hunger and malnutrition. As well as generating awareness and education on the issue.

Additional Income:
Providing B40 additional income by hiring them to run the morning market as well as man power for food aid programmes.

Other Details

Food Waste Management
In consortium with several organizations, Pasar Grub helps the environment in reducing organic waste occupying landfills by collecting food waste from malls, restaurant chains and turns them into animal feed or compost for community farms. Collecting used cooking oil and reprocessing them into bio-diesel, soap, candle, animal feed and lubricant other practical uses.

Assistance Required

Financial Support
MYR 35,000.00

Benefit In-kind MYR 35,000.00

Funds will be utilized for:
Fully subsizing cost of produce to the beneficieries for food aid programs or,

Partially subsizing cost of produce for our benefiriecies for morning market stalls.

Non-Financial Support

Partnership / Collaboration

Partner/Collaborate with Pasar Grub to improve Malaysia's circular ecosystem. Seeking relevant industries/organizations on:

  • Food procurement and supplies
  • Health/diet/nutrition
  • Recyling/re-purposing food waste and used oil.
  • Community farming
  • Food aid distributions
  • Logistics
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Pasar Grub
Nobody should go hungry in a world of plenty. 

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A social enterprise channeling affordable essential nutritious surplus produce to B40 community, promoting circular ecosystem, tackling zero hunger, food waste, climate change and hidden hunger.