Agritech Bootcamp 2021

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Agritech Bootcamp 2021

Focusing on the goal of food sovereignty, safety and security - smart farming is ultimately an integral component of the solution. Agriculture is still one of Malaysia's most important industries, contributing significantly to the country's GDP. With climate change causing continuous disruption and volatility in weather patterns, increasing population, a surge in demand and supply for quality food, land degradation, sustainability, and regulatory pressures, further technological exploration and integration is unavoidable if the sector is to be developed effectively.

MaGIC is making a comeback with our second Agritech Bootcamp programme in providing agriculturists and agripreneurs the opportunity to delve into refining innovative ideas to workable business solutions, producing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) set for commercialisation and simultaneously contributing to the nation’s development.
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Eligible Point for Successful Application:
  • Organization - 40XP 400RP
  • Individual - 30XP 300RP
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