Dronetech & Blockchain Bootcamp 2021

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Dronetech & Blockchain Bootcamp 2021

Blockchain technology - also known as the Internet's trust protocol, has made tremendous strides in a variety of industries by serving as a tamper-proof database system. With blockchain quickly becoming the global backbone of the digital economy, the opportunities in Malaysia remain vast, particularly in the unmanned aviation industry. The increased use of drone technology allows for the development of new security, airspace compliance, and navigational challenges, for which blockchain integration is an integral solution. By 2025, the global drone industry is expected to be worth RM267 billion. Malaysia still has a plethora of opportunities to explore the industry.

MaGIC is providing a platform for techpreneurs in the areas of blockchain and dronetech to venture into refining innovative ideas to workable business solutions, producing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) set for commercialisation, and simultaneously contributing to the nation's development to increase new innovative solutions.
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  • Organization - 40XP 400RP
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