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We're a cloud upskilling platform to help STEM Graduates learn, develop & deploy optimization models and get hired. We first equip them with the skills, then provide them the development tool and finally match them with a job.

We're looking for a business development team member to reinvent our marketing, sales & customer experience workflow to generate revenue. 

Job Requirements

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (Native Speaker) - MUST
  • at least 1 year of business development and/or sales development experience
  • Any additional language - is an advantage
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Quick learner, creative, detail-oriented, positive and driven   
  • Ability to work independently in a remote setting through self-motivation and initiative
  • A track record of generating new Enterprise Business Opportunities
  • Prior experience with the SaaS industry is an advantage


  • Conduct market research and identify relevant companies and stakeholders
  • Conduct outbound efforts and generate interest through email, calls, and social media
  • Closely manage a lead funnel  
  • Consistently achieve a quota to ensure territory revenue and growth objectives
  • Meticulously report progress and metrics and present periodic proposals to management on ways to improve the sales process
  • Collaborate with marketing to research, design and execute campaigns
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Modeling & Optimization Made Easy 

Campus ID: C648016 Perk Provider Quest Provider  EKYC Verified MaGIC Alumni

Many data scientists get stuck with model deployments, which are complex and costly. Moopt helps data scientists deploying optimization models as an industrial automation application.

From supply chain network design to workforce scheduling, for business analysts to make optimal decision immediately. All in a single platform under a few minutes.

Our mission is to democratize decision modeling & optimization technologies for 10,000 operational researchers and developers per year.

We believe in challenging the status quo and doing this differently. Modeling & Optimization is no longer an exclusive right for big corporations anymore. SMEs and individual supply chain consultants also deserve a better system for automating optimal decisions.

The two core strategies to realize this mission are:

1. We help them learn decision modeling & optimization through simple terms, plenty of examples and helpful illustrations. Equip them with the skills to analyze, model and solve real-world problems in critical industries.

2. At the same time, provide a more user-friendly end-to-end optimization applications development and deployment platform. So that, you can build models, test and integrate as a working application in hours - not days, to start making optimal decision.