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The halal and Islamic products industry have emerged as a new and powerful sector in the domestic and global markets with market value exceeding RM 7.6 trillion a year. It is an industry that supports Malaysia's economic growth as well as being one of the major industries that generate state revenues. Through the development of Islamic-inspired innovations, Malaysia has the potential to become one of the global leaders in Islamic products and services.

The Islamic Innovation Challenge 2019 is a national initiative to drive Malaysia's aspirations for the halal and Islamic products market as well as to encourage SMEs to be innovative. We would like to invite Malaysian SMEs who have high-tech businesses or ideas to join and compete with other innovative minds in Malaysia on Islamic innovation for a chance to win IIC 2019 and getting an investment opportunity by PlaTCOM Ventures. Your innovation must be able to improve and boost the industry in these areas:

  • Health & Beauty

  • Flavour & Ingredients

  • Food source & processing

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Travel and Tour products & services

  • Other consumables

  • Machinery, devices, tools, etc

  • Facilities

  • Apparels

  • Software system & Apps

  • Personal devices