This program is no longer active. Please go to SEA.

About Impact Partner

Impact partners are public and private company that engage in social procurement

Social Procurement

Social procurement is a tool capable of bringing about positive systemic change for people in need. It ensures that organisational decisions to purchase are motivated not only by price economics but also by equally important social and environmental factors.

At IDEA, we make social procurement easy by connecting you directly to impact enterprises that have been vetted by MaGIC, one of the leading authorities in impact entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

Your decision to buy from an accredited impact enterprise can deliver immense benefits to a beneficiary group of your choice. Some of the impacts that can be achieved include:

What can you achieve with social procurement?

Job creation

A single procurement contract can create multiple jobs for people at the bottom of the social pyramid. Job creation may be in the form of direct employment or skills development for employment.

Uplifting the standard of living
A simple purchase of homemade goods can provide a poor family with supplemental income, which in turn could make a difference in their decisions concerning housing and education.
Provision of essential services
For families undergoing difficult times, your purchases will help them afford access to essential services, such as utilities and healthcare.
Environmental protection
If you are concerned about the environment, social procurement is the answer too, for it can lead to significant reductions in waste – which would contribute to averting the nationwide crisis of landfills.

How does it work?

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5

Step 1

Set an intention by choosing a beneficiary group that you are most concerned about as well as the products/services you are willing to purchase from an impact enterprise.

Step 2

Explore the platform either searching for your desired impact group or the type of social goods/services that you are interested to purchase.

Step 3

Once you identify the items/services you would like to purchase, create an account and send out a request for a quote to one or more impact enterprises.

Step 4

The impact enterprises will contact you directly with the proposal, allowing you to migrate the selection process into your own procurement system.

Step 5

An optional quarterly impact report can be generated inside your account’s control panel on the IDEA platform.